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Prof. Dr. Ali Helmy the leader of Arabic computational linguistics
Prof. Dr. Ali Helmy the leader of Arabic computational linguistics.
Ain Shams University ... A science icon and creativity lighthouse overlooking the African continent
  • Rector efforts culminated successfully and appreciated by the Arab and international community
  • The efforts of Dr. Hussein Essa for the development is not limited to providing the best services in Egypt
  • The University suggested organizing conferences for the advancement of science
  • Ain Shams get a 3-star rating in the QS
  • Global ranking chooses the University a guest of honor in an Arab African scientific conference.
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    Prof. Abdel Ghani El-Gendy ... continuous tender for more than forty years
    Professor of professors... is his nickname in the scientific community, which belongs to his title, a title expresses the prestigious scientific prestige reached his effort and his work and achievements in the field of modern irrigation systems in Egypt