Appointment of a teacher

Required Papers for assignment in the post of lecturer:

  1. Birth certificate (Origin + copy)
  2. Temporary certificate of origin + photo.
  3. Labor notice of the nearest work office.
  4. Original Criminal Statues Record from the nearest department.
  5. A certificate of nationality approved by two employees that it has Egyptian nationality and is stamped with the slogan of the Republic.
  6. " 1 copy" of the national identity card.
  7. Financial discloser from the post office.
  8. Two (2) photos 4 * 6.
  9. Form 111T. Medical disclosure from the General Authority for Health Insurance.
  10. Four  (4) stamp LE category
  11. File to save papers.


In the event of an apology, a formal apology is required.

Papers required to extend the of a teacher / assistant teacher:

1- The decision of the board of the department to approve the extension shall be determined by the department board.

A report from the supervisor of the thesis explaining the reasons for the extension of the researcher's time.