The Adult Education Center discusses the preparation of kindergarten teachers according to the new education system

Dr. Islam Al-Saeed, Director of the Adult Education Center at Ain Shams University in cooperation with the International Center for Arab Studies and Training #ICAST, announced the launch of the strongest courses for preparing kindergarten teachers according to the new education system (EDU2.0) from (24-27) January 2020 (24) training hours, in which the course axes are defined, including (Kindergarten stage in the new education system (EDU2.0) - Kindergarten teacher specifications according to the education system (EDU2.0) - Kindergarten stage characteristics / needs - Kindergarten features in the system Education (EDU2.0) - Life skills according to the four dimensions of education - Separate subjects in kindergarten - For educational activities in the kindergarten stage, and how to prepare for it - strategies for teaching drama, songs and stories for kindergarten children - different musical activities and their impact on developing the capabilities of the child in kindergarten - multiple intelligences and methods of using them in the kindergarten stage - techniques for designing and producing educational methods for kindergarten children - problems Facing kindergarten teachers and how to overcome them.

  • From 2020-01-24 to 2020-01-27