Faculty of Al-Alsun continues to launch its series of training courses in various fields

The Refaa Unit for Research, Development of Linguistic Information and Translation, affiliated with the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Faculty of Al-Alsun, continues to launch a new series of specialized training courses in various fields, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Salwa Rashad, Dean of the Faculty, and under the supervision of the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

She explained that the courses are: a course in grammar and conversation in the Russian language, a course in political translation and United Nations terms, a course in common language errors in the Arabic language, a course in film translation SUBTITLING, a course in medical translation MEDICAL TRANSLATION, a course in general grammar of the language German, German legal translation course, CAT TOOLS course, Hebrew writing course for beginners, Hebrew language for beginners course, listening and conversations course in the Hebrew language, and there are also some workshops that the Refaa Unit will hold and will be the first workshop in  language errors Common in the French language (workshop 5 hours) duration.

The duration of each session reaches 16 hours by 8 divided lectures two days per week, during the months of February, March, April for the arrivals, provided that the sessions are held in the training halls and laboratories at the college headquarters, and for more information and registration please go to the unit headquarters on the ground floor of the faculty.

  • From 2020-02-01 to 2020-04-30