Conditions of residence and required documents

  1. The student should be a non-resident of Greater Cairo, knowing that the centers of Touk - Kafr Shukr - Banha - Shebin El-kanater - [Qalioubia] - Al-Saff - Atfih - Hawamdiyah - Al Wahat - Al Badrasheen" are outside Greater Cairo.
  2. The student shall be a high school graduate from outside Greater Cairo.
  3. The student must be a regular student in the bachelor departments with a certificate of success, estimation, and the percentage of the student's total scores.
  4. The student shall not be punished by one of the disciplinary penalties stipulated in the executive regulations of the law of organizing universities and its amendments or the list of university cities.
  5. The student should not have any financial entitlements for university cities.
  6. Complete the application electronically and after the announcement of the result of acceptance, all documents, declarations and paper signatures are submitted by the city administration.
  7. The applicant girl shall be unmarried and never married with an administrative certificate.
  8. Provide a copy of the national ID card (for the boys / girls), the guardian and the guarantor, provided that the date of issuance of these cards is from a previous year.
  9. The guarantor may be replaced by a repayment of 200 pounds as a replacement for the guarantor to be recovered in the absence of damages.
  10. The guarantor may be replaced by a repayment of 200 pounds as a replacement for the guarantor to be recovered in the absence of damages.
  11. Pass the medical examination and conduct the required medical tests.
  12. A confirmation from the guarantor approved by the employer (there is a form on the site).
  13.  (16) Photographs (4 × 6).

Important instructions

  1. Be sure to read the admission requirements and the required documents carefully.
  2. Coordination shall be made based on the percentage of the total and taking into account the distance between Cairo and the Governorate of residence as a preferential factor, specifying the number of places per faculty based on statistics of previous years.
  3. Commitment of new students to submit applications for conversion to reduce alienation in the legal period specified for that and obtain a letter of rejection during the same period.
  4. The opening will be from 16/8 to 30/8/2014 and the result will be announced electronically.
  5. In the case of the newly issued national ID cards, a recent receipt of an invoice of electricity, gas or water shall be attached to the housing.
  6. All data will be requested when all university papers are submitted.
  7. Ain Shams University has the right to accept or reject the application to reside in its university cities, in accordance with its absorptive capacity and the priorities of acceptance in accordance with its internal regulations and regulations.