Art Activity

Festivals and competitions organized by the Department of artistic activity and involving the local and international level

First: The Department of theatrical Arts

· Field of theatrical performance

· Festival of self-sufficiency of the theatrical representation as a competition in the seventies and in the framework of the development of artistic activity management for the contest turned into a festival in 2005, where the festival include the following: -

Opening Ceremony - Art bulletin - the closing ceremony and awards






 Festival of Grand theatrical Competition

Starting since the establishment of the university in 1950 as competition and the management has developed and turn it into a festival in 2008, and its activities include the following

- Opening of hosting top artists from Ain Shams University graduates

- Art Bulletin

- The closing ceremony and awards


Specialists Theatre Festival

It is the first qualitative festival in the Middle East




Domestic and international representation for the field of theatrical performance of artistic activity at Ain Shams University

Meeting of Egyptian young people in universities in the field of arts

This meeting was organized High Council for Youth and Sports and Ministry of Youth and the National Youth Council for many years since the seventies and until the year 2006. The university received numerous awards

Theater of Don Quixote, who represented the university in a meeting university students


Week of young people in Egyptian Universities

The Supreme Council of Universities organized by the university that wish to host universities, the establishment of various art competitions university has participated in all youth weeks since the first week until the seventh week in Mansoura University


National Festival oftheEgyptianTheater

Ain Shams University participated since the first session and until the fifth session and the last of the festival in 2010 has emerged through these posts the impact of university theater to Egyptian theater movement in terms of content to compete with the play (Romeo and Juliet) in faculty of Law Written by: William Shakespeare Directed by: Mohamed El Saghir theater the production of public and private theater, where he received most of the awards show on the festival, namely:

* Best theatrical show equally between theatrical shows (Shoemaker king) of the National Theatre production

* Best rising Actor and Actress

* Best Director







Second: InternationalPosts

Ain Shams University represented Egypt in many international festivals

Mention, for example, but not limited to:

* International Festival of University Theatre of Monastir and held in (the state of Tunisia)

* International Festival of University Theater in Casablanca (Morocco) and shows:

* The play (on the Tabrizi wing and his subsidiaries Qufa) Written by: Alfred Faraj directed by: Shadi Seror to Faculty of Law and was awarded the Search and Heritage Award for Best Actor in 1997

In 2009, the University participated by theatrical presentation (the tragedy of King Lear) Faculty of Arts Written by:

William Shakespeare Directed by: Tamer Karam of the faculty of Arts and presentation received (Best Actress, Best Director) award.


The field of music and choir:

Competitions organized by the Department of artistic activity

Musical classic contest between the university faculties and happen in the first half of the school year during the month of 12


Music and Choral Competition

And are in the second semester during March and April



Third: Local Posts

* Meet of Universities Youth

The Department participated by artistic performances and won first place in 


Universities Youth Week

The university has participated in all the weeks held until last week,


The field of Fine Arts

Competitions organized by the Department of artistic activity: -

Department organizes competitions in the field of fine arts in all fields of work are then public exhibition of products students winners


Local Posts

General Exhibition, which was held by the Ministry 


Weeks of Universities Youth

The university has participated in all exhibitions


Universities girls Week

The Department participated in the activities of the first week of Zagazig University, and the second and last week at the University