Sport activity

The student activities are the main focus of the university for its role in the development of awareness and various skills among university youth, with the beginning of the academic year, the university organizes every year many celebrations and festivals, which includes a lot of activities that aim to increase the coherence between the university and its students and between the university and other universities In addition to upgrading the students academically , culturally, socially and mathematically.

The sports activity management foundation stone for the development and the formation of students as a good mind in a healthy body is done through the practice of sports activities both internal and external to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Achieve continuous training plans to raise the levels of public and private practice and competitiveness.
  2. Broaden the base of the practice of physical activity among university students.
  3. Outstanding discovery and provide the necessary assistance to them.
  4. Investment students' leisure time in sports activity and keep them away from the dangers of addiction, delinquency and what will benefit them.
  5. It is necessary to satisfy the psychological needs of students through fair competition through sports competitions inhalers that regulate them.
  6. Broaden the base of each of the practice: (students - university professor working at the university).

It is illustrated the effective role of the Department of sporting activity in the planning and implementation of projects and courses, meetings and sports tournaments interior and exterior of the Sports Federation of Egyptian universities and the National Sports Council are as follows: