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Covid-19 Dashboard

This page provides many weekly and monthly updates about COVID-19 testing inside Ain Shams hospitals in terms of the number of infections, isolation cases and the spread of the disease in the Egyptian community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, university hospitals have announced the lifting of the state of emergency and the maximum preparedness to confront the Corona virus, which threatens the lives of millions, and it has become necessary for state institutions to cooperate to confront this crisis, so the capabilities of university hospitals to confront the Corona virus are:

No of Beds   Intensive Care Beds   Respirator
35825   3959   3754


Pediatric Intensive Care Bed   Incubation
431   838



The following statistics show the results of testing the COVID-19 areas provided and facilitated by Ain Shams University hospitals in all time periods from the start of the pandemic until 14-01-2021.

No. of Deaths   No. of Recoveries   Total Cases
861   10312   11741


Home Isolation Cases   Hospitalization Cases
4778   6963



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Statistics about Daily New Covid-19 cases Admit to Ain Shams University Hospitals:

December 2020 - January 2021

Corona virus situation within the Ain Shams community

Faculty Staff   Assisting Body   Employees   Students
55   10   14   3


Percentage of total current cases


Egypt is on the list of the top ten countries in the number of research papers presented on Corona

Egypt ranked ninth in the list of countries participating in medical research for the Corona virus, with 21 studies, making it the only Arab and African country on the list, according to what was published by Finbold.

Many Egyptian universities have presented research, which showed that Ain Shams University leads Egyptian universities in the number of research papers presented on the coronavirus with 8 researches, followed by Tanta University with 5 researches, and Cairo and Assiut University is equal in the number of papers presented with 3 researches.