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Middle East and Futuristic Studies Center

Name: Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Mou'nnis

Specialization and degree / Head of History Department, Faculty of Education

Personal phone / _____

Mobile / 01114348900

E-mail / Dr.ashrafmounes@yahoo.com

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Basic data of the Center:

Establishment of the unit: 12/2/1976AD                             Special Nature Unit: 25/6/1990 AD

Means of communication:

Telephone: 24662703 Internal: 739-740

Fax: 24584139

E-mail: middleerc2014@gmail.com

Website / (Middle East) Facebook



Carrying out research and scientific consu`ltations related to future studies of the important activities and social actions affecting the society in the future, especially within the Middle East region, and exploring different fields such as natural resources, economic, social and political affairs among other fields.
Holding conferences and training courses in fields related to the Center for authorities and individuals locally and internationally.
Binding cultural and scientific ties with universities and scientific institutes involved in similar activities locally and internationally.
Encouraging and publishing various research papers related to future studies in the Middle East.



    Jerusalem in Peace Talks (1977-1999).
    The Germ of Retrogression.
    The Water Legal System in the Middle East.
    Obama and the Middle East.


    Participated in Cairo International Book Fair 2008 – 5000 visitors.
    Participated in Cairo International Book Fair 2009 – 5500 visitors.


    Middle East Research Journal (scholarly refereed journal).
    Middle East Affairs Research Journal (scholarly refereed journal).



  1. Sudan and International Criminal Court.
  2. Egypt and the Palestinian Cause.
  3. Israeli Aggression and Crimes in Gaza.
  4. Iran on the Verge of Eruption.

   Round Tables:

  1. World Financial Crisis and its Repercussions on Egypt.
  2. The Future of Egyptian–Israeli Relations.
  3. Obama’s Visit to Turkey and its Repercussions on the Middle East.
  4. The Palestinian War.
  5. United States Secret Diplomacy and Pre-October War Egypt.