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Accounting Unit for Community Service

Data of the Center Director:

Name: Mr. Samir Osman Abdel Nasser

Specialization and degree / Secretary General of the University - First Undersecretary of the Ministry

Personal phone / _____

Mobile: 01001419285


Appointment decision

Basic data of the Center:

Establishment of the unit: 25/6/1990AD

Means of communication:

Phone: 26847826- 01001419285

Fax: 26847826



  •  Contracting with companies, agencies, and institutions for projects that serve the community & develop the environment.
  •     Linking the university with the community and realizing the university mission in this field.
  •     Funding research that serves the community and develops the environment.
  •     Supervising appli



Training Courses:

    Two courses on physicians’ criminal and civil responsibility.
    Two courses on safe disposal of waste and fire prevention.
    Developing Directors’ capacities for analysis and handling problems and difficult situations.
    Two courses on total quality management in hospitals.
    Two courses on infection control.
    Two courses on modern hospital management.
    Statistical analysis in hospitals.
    Two courses on infection control for nurses.
    Crisis and disaster management.
    Skills in marketing and sales.
    Crisis and disaster management in the medical sector.
    Implementation of quality standards.


     Environment preservation against climate changes.
    Cairo: the present and the future.
    Administrative development: an outlook.
    Symposium on swine flu.
    Course on new laws in the current parliamentary session.
    An open discussion with the Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El-Din, Minister of Investment.


    Second conference for Egyptian universities’ presidents and their deputies on community service and environment development, November 2009, Ain Shams University Guest House.

Consultations and Studies:

    Project for Arma Oils, Industrial Zone, Tenth of Ramadan City.
    Project for Nile for Ginning and Cotton Co., Industrial Zone, Minia.
    Producing mixed cement as a project for the development of the National Cement Company, Al-Tebin, Helwan.
    Project for the National Arab Company for Cement, 32nd Industrial Zone for Heavy Industries, Minia.
    Project for the hydrogen crushing complex, The Egyptian Refining Company, Mustorod.
    Project for reviewing the environmental impact study conducted for the construction and operation of the new hi-tech station for processing liquids of drilling oil wells and industrial waste water.

Agreements and Protocols

     United Engineers Co. for E-learning services.
    Global Orient (computer exhibition).
    GemaBit Computers.
    Innovation Crew (Clear Campaign).
    Memphis Advertising – campaign for distributing free Man Look Gel samples.
    Cadbury (free samples distribution).
    Arab Firm for Architectural designs.
    MM Group (2 stands on campus).
    Arab Company for Information Technology.
    Dar Al-Maaref publishing house.

Convoys and Awareness campaigns:

    El-Waily district convoy.
    Awareness campaign on values, behavior, violence, and addiction, among other topics in El-Waily educational directorate.
    Awareness campaign on German measles.
    Awareness campaign on moral behavioral assessment.
    Awareness campaign on preventive medicine – Suzan Mubarak Center.
    Awareness campaign on swine flu (Ain Shams University Hospitals).
    Awareness campaign on swine flu in the youth care theatre.
    Awareness campaign on the risks of swine flu and means of prevention (El-Waily educational directorate).


Applied research

    Using cotton spinning exhaust in manufacturing eco-friendly synthetics (Women’s College).
    Designing and manufacturing a wide-range mine detection and de-activation Robot (Faculty of Engineering).
    Designing, implementing and testing a solar energy surface irrigation system.
    Local production of anti-bodies that can diagnose the H1N1 virus (faculty of Science).
    Toxicity and chemo-biological studies on the impact of agricultural and industrial wastes as insecticides on mosquitoes (Faculty of Science).
        Inducing early fruition in newly-planted citrus trees through modifying the fertilization program in Qaluobeya governorate (Faculty of Agriculture).
    Producing early growing strain of bread wheat through modern technological methods (Faculty of Agriculture).