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Data of the Center Director:

Name: Dr. / Islam Mohammed Saeed

Specialization and degree: PhD in the fundamentals of education

Personal Phone / -

Mobile / 01000395272

E-mail /

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Meeting the needs of adult illiterates via organizing classes to combat adult illiteracy inside and outside the university.

Giving opportunities for qualification and continuous training for different groups working in adult education to keep them updated with the latest vocational, educational and skill-related developments.

Establishing cooperation relations with local, regional and international adult education institutes in order to develop common projects and get introduced to current global trends.

Publishing a periodical specialized in adult education to publish studies, research and proceedings of national and international conferences.

Preparing a database for adult education in the Arab world.

Offering administrative and technical consultations in the field of adult education.

Holding conferences, seminars and workshops to study the most important issues and problems of adult education.



  • Symposium on World Experience in Education for All.


  • Conference on Managing Adult Education in the Arab World.

Agreements and Protocols:

  • Cooperation protocol with the Adult Education Authority.


  • New Horizons in Adult Education Journal (8th edition).
  • Proceedings of the 7th annual conference.