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Center of Nature Reserves

Data of the Center Director:

Name: Hosny Abdel Aziz Mohamed Mosallam

Specialization and Degree: Professor of Plant Environment, Botany Department, Faculty of Science

Personal phone: _____

Mobile: 01001648952


Basic data of the Center:

Establishment of the unit: 17 February 1996AD

Means of communication:

Phone: 01001648952    

Fax: 0226829643


Website / _____


Providing studies and scientific consultation for individuals, institutions, authorities and agencies in Egypt and abroad in the field of natural protectorates preservation and development in Egypt.

Technical cooperation with the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency (EEAA) in implementing scientific and technical projects in the field of natural protectorates.

Developing projects and contracts to provide solutions for the scientific problems related to the natural preserve environment and to reducing pollution from the different sources.

Conducting or participating in projects aiming at studying protectorate-specific phenomena and similar projects.

Providing scientific and/or technical consultations required by the EEAA or the Tourism Development Authority.

Organizing training courses on environmental protection and development and protectorates preservation.