Guest House

Guest House

Data of Guesthouse director:

Name: Mr. Ashraf Mohammed Mohammed Khalifa

Specialization and Degree / Senior specialists - Administrative development

Personal phone / _____

Mobile / 01099752499

Email / _____

Appointment decision

Basic data of the house:

Establishment of the unit: 29 June 1992AD

Means of communication:

Phone: 24019089 - 24015573

Fax: 24015573


Website: Facebook / Dar Eldyafa


  • Hosting the majority of the conferences and scientific seminars organized by the faculties and scientific centers of

    Ain Shams University and other universities and bodies.
  • Housing the cultural events and monthly seminars of the university and its scientific centers.

  • Organizing parties for honoring public figures in the university.

  • Organizing parties on different public occasions and family celebrations.

  • Holding exhibitions of different kinds.

  • Providing hotel services; accommodation and boarding for visiting professors, whether Egyptians or Foreigners.


  • Holding academic and family celebrations, Ramadan Iftar (fast-breaking meal) and Suhur (pre-dawn meal), lunch, dinner and tea parties, as well as entertaining services and meal contracts.

  • Providing accommodation for guests.

  • Providing the university’s biggest conference room.