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Centers of the Faculty of Women

Director of the Center:

Name: Dr. Hayam Saber Sadek Shaheen
Specialization: Assistant Professor at Department of Psychology
Phone: _____
Mobile:   01003072763
Email:  _____






Basic data of the Center:

Established: 30/6/1997
Phone:    24156052
Fax: -------

Website:   --------------






Center for Integrated Studies, Research & Services


  • Offering technical advice in sciences, arts, education and home economics;
  • Developing sports, artistic and social skills of students and staff members;    
  • Establishing a number of small projects;
  • Exchanging expertise and advice with other relevant institutions and organizations and promoting university experiences;
  • Enlightening students families through proposed symposia;
  • Providing information services through information technology;
  • Organizing English teaching courses at different levels;
  • Teaching students how to use the computer and its different applications and programs;
  • Holding conferences and symposia on community and environment service;
  • Organizing charity exhibitions in collaboration with non-governmental organizations.

Activity Center for Integrated Studies, Research & Services

Activity of Small Projects

Activity of Information, Education And Training Technology

Activity of Training and Developing Artistic, Athletic and Cultural Skills

Activity of Social And Psychological Consultancy Services

Activity of Computer

Activity of Language and Translation Unit

Activity of human potential

Activity of plant propagation and analysis of quality measurement

Activity of rigorous analysis

Activity of geographic information systems