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Centers of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Unit for Pharmaceutical Research


  • Conducting scientific experiments and research aiming to solve the problems faced by production bodies wherever they exist in society, especially those related to the fields of pharmacy and health care
  • Contributing to production through methodology, research and scientific experiments that help to develop and create new methods for increasing production and improving its quality
  • Contributing to training of individuals, especially pharmacists and health care personnel in how to use new methods, research and scientific and technical experiments as well as teaching then and enhancing their production abilities in several fields
  • Strengthening cultural and scientific ties with other universities and scientific institutions at the Arab and international levels
  • Participating in implementing the projects of the University and its faculties and institutes and conducting necessary research and experiments in the fields undertaken by the Unit
  • Conducting experiments and research or service work for third parties in pharmacy and health care
  • Conducting assigned experiments and research work in all fields undertaken by the Unit


Training courses:

Consultations and Studies: