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Conditions of Residence

16534 2020-10-07
  1. The student should be a non-resident of Greater Cairo, knowing that the centers of Touk - Kafr Shukr - Banha - Shebin El-kanater - [Qalioubia] - Al-Saff - Atfih - Hawamdiyah - Al Wahat - Al Badrasheen" are outside Greater Cairo.
  2. The student shall be a high school graduate from outside Greater Cairo.
  3. The student must be a regular student in the bachelor departments with a certificate of success, estimation, and the percentage of the student's total scores.
  4. The student shall not be punished by one of the disciplinary penalties stipulated in the executive regulations of the law of organizing universities and its amendments or the list of university cities.
  5. The student should not have any financial entitlements for university cities.
  6. Complete the application electronically and after the announcement of the result of acceptance, all documents, declarations and paper signatures are submitted by the city administration.
  7. The applicant girl shall be unmarried and never married with an administrative certificate.