Welcome to Ain Shams University

University Student Portal

  • Students can sign in by name, ID national number, and choose their faculty.
  • The possibility of presenting the personal profile of the student containing the student's personal picture and basic data such as name, faculty, department, academic status, date of birth, email, and current class with the possibility of modifying all these personal data.
  • Giving the student the possibility of upload his CV as a pdf file and presenting it on his personal page.
  • Display of the study schedules for the current academic year and academic year to which the student belongs.
  • Display the current list of students and the laws to be followed by the student according to the list of the faculty.
  • Presenting the courses of the current semester to which the student belongs.
  • The course contains a link containing the content of the course and a link to download the content in the form of a pdf file on the student's personal computer.
  • Courses are determined based on the academic year and the semester of the student.
  • Display the student seating number by integrating with the MIS database.
  • The student's seating number is displayed only after registering on the portal.
  • In case of non-registration, students are required to register on the site to display their seating number.
  • The seating number shall be changed according to the faculty in the case of its failure in materials or in the case of its transition from one class to another according to the system of the college to which the student is applying.
  • The services offered by the faculty to students are offered from a university city reservation, supported courses or other services to serve the students.
  • View the services provided to the students by the faculty, the student is required to sign in to be able to view the services of the faculty.
  • In the case of booking and query, the administrative officer will assist the student based on the service to be inquired.
  • The student can send notes to the system or any comment.
  • Display the cumulative result of the student and the current result of the student on the system.
  • The possibility of displaying the student's e-mail while redirecting the student to his or her account on the site provided by Microsoft or MIS.

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