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Closing session of the work of the World Design Studio (WDS) for the current academic year
Closing session of the work of the World Design Studio (WDS) for the current academic year

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ayman Ashour, Deputy Minister of Higher Education for University Affairs, and the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Saud - Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, and the leadership of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University Shams, represented by Prof. Dr. Omar Al-Husseini, Dean of the College, and Dr. Mustafa Refaat, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Department of the International Design Studio, held the closing session to present the work of the International Design Studio WDS for the academic year (2020-2021), which is shared between Africa, represented by the Department of Architecture - College Engineering - Ain Shams University, North America represented by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Clemson University, and Asia by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazheng University of China.

This year, WDS students are studying ways to achieve sustainable development for the city of Sharm El Sheikh in South Sinai Governorate, with the aim of implementing the strategic vision of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula, so that the city of Sharm El Sheikh will turn into a world-class tourism, treatment, economic and entertainment center.

During the session, the students of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University reviewed a number of proposed solutions to establish a global exhibition center in one of the lands designated for the implementation of the city's development plan, according to the coordination made between Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai.


The proposed solutions for the design of the general site include a number of projects (international exhibition center - an economic zone for business and finance - residential and hotel complexes - medical and treatment centers - an educational area - and a recreational center for motor racing enthusiasts (Formula)), which depended in its design taking into account several aspects Historical, economic and geographical, the most important of which is the nature of the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, its geographical location, the city's capabilities, as well as the risks that threaten it.

The general site of the project was designed to achieve several principles, which were called in the ancient Egyptian civilization the principles of the god Maat, and it aims to achieve economic, environmental and psychological balance for man by providing the most important requirements of human life, and the direction to achieve intellectual and material peace and avoid the coming wars and conflicts.

It is worth mentioning that the International Design Studio has achieved remarkable success for its achievements during the past years, through the participation of students in many national projects in Cairo and Luxor, and international projects in the United States of America and the People's Republic of China.

This year, a group of carefully selected students will participate, with (40) students from the Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University, (10) students from Clemson University in the United States, and (32) students from Huazhong University of China.

The international design studio, which is the first global experience of its kind, aims to integrate students participating in providing sustainable architectural and environmental solutions to some of the problems facing urban development in a number of regions in the countries participating in the project.