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Register for the IELTS preparatory workshop

2021-09-15 To 2021-10-17
Ain Shams University
Register for the IELTS preparatory workshop

The British Council, in cooperation with the Scholarships Welfare Office at Ain Shams University, is pleased to announce the establishment of a preparatory workshop for the online IELTS test through Teams Microsoft presented by the British Council to Ain Shams University to support applicants for the unified announcement of the scholarships plan for the first part of the fifth year

The two-hour workshop includes introducing the IELTS test and supporting applicants by explaining the four components of the test: listening, reading, writing and speaking; introducing the different free resources to prepare for the IELTS test.

The British Council, in agreement with the Central Department of Scholarships, announces the provision of the following: Individual counseling services for the IELTS test granted to the first 100 applicants for the IELTS exam during the period from August 17 to October 17, coinciding with the unified announcement of the scholarships.

The IELTS scholarship, in the amount of 3000 thousand pounds, for those who meet the conditions of the grant and apply before September 30, 2021 and will be announced and explained during the preparatory workshop.

She confirmed that only the official email of the faculty members and their assistants at Ain Shams University is accepted.

To register, please go to the following link: