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Raising scientific production of scientific committee

Required papers for appointment to the position of Professor and Assistant Professor:

  1. A request in the name of the Dean to raise the scientific production to the decision of the scientific committee for promotion for the post of professor / assistant professor
  2. A statement of scientific qualifications and functional sequence in the knowledge of the faculty.
  3. A letter to the Rapporteur to send scientific production by the faculty.
  4. List of scientific activities signed by the head of department and the dean of the faculty (confidential form.
  5. A list of scientific researches signed by the head of department and the dean of the faculty.
  6. List of graduate studies in the researches that have been supervised.
  7. In respect of the promotion of the post of professor, shall complete the previous report for the promotion of the position of assistant professor certified and stamped.
  8. For the second promotion, the previous report is certified and stamped.
  9. A copy of the Masters and Ph.D.
  10. Certificates of passing the courses of development of the capacity of faculty members 6 courses.
  11. The decision of the department board to approve the raising of scientific production to the scientific committee's decision is approved by the department head and the dean of the faculty

Application form for approval of raising scientific production