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Registration of Master's and Ph.D.

23530 2021-08-10

Documents required for registration of master's and Ph.D. degrees:
Opening a file for 150 EGP + 50 EGP for guide value
2. Bachelor's degree (for master's degree registration.)
3. Bachelor's degree + Master's degree (for Ph.D. degree registration)
4. Computerized birth certificate.
5. TOEFL certificate with a score of 500, PhD, scientific and literary, 450 master's degrees, scientific and literary.
6. Case statement (original + 2 copies).
7. The approval of the work authority on the registration, and for the supporting body in the college, the approval of the department council on the registration.
8. Research plan Arabic original and copy + English original and copy signed by the supervisors for the master's and doctoral degrees, scientific and literary.
9. 2 registration forms from the Department of Postgraduate Studies for Masters and Ph.D., scientific and literary.
10. 2 personal photos + a copy of ID card (national number) for the master's and doctorate, scientific and literary.
11. File to save papers.
12. The papers are completed and delivered before the date of the Graduate Studies Committee, the last Sunday of every month, with a maximum of five days.

Documents required to form a Jury committee for master’s and Ph.D degrees:
1. The thesis printing form from the Department of Graduate Studies in the college to be filled out by the supervisor, head of the department, and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies.
2. The validity report form from the Graduate Studies Department to be filled out by the supervisor and head of the department, original + 2 copies.
3. TOEFL certificate with a score of 500 for the doctorate, scientific and literary, and 450 for the master’s degree, scientific and literary.
4. Case statement (original + two copies)
5. Forms from the Department of Graduate Studies to be filled out by the student, and a personal photo of each form is affixed to it + a stamp of 1 EGP.
6. (3 Arabic + 3 English) summaries, signed by the supervisors.
7. (3 letters of formation) according to the decision of the department board approving the formation + a copy of the administration.
8. Paying tuition fees

For a PhD in Arts and Education:

200 EGP Postgraduate Funds                                 100 EGP Medical care.

20 EGP E-service                                                    82.25 EGP tuition fees

500 EGP training and equipment consumption      2 pounds, exam entry fee

Master of Arts and Education:

100 EGP Graduate Studies Fund                           EGP 500 Training and consumption.

2 pounds’ entrance examination fee                      100 EGP for Medical care.

For PhD in Science Expenses:

200 EGP for the graduate studies fund                  20 EGP for E-service.

100 EGP Medical care                                           600 EGP training and equipment consumption

Master of Science:

100 EGP postgraduate fund                                  600 EGP training and equipment consumption

20 EGP E-services                                                82.25 EGP tuition fees

2 EGP Exam Entrance Fee                                  100 EGP Medical Care

Approval of the department board to form a judging committee on the thesis.

The papers are delivered before the date of the postgraduate studies committee