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Child care leave


Maternity leave

The employee shall submit request to private cadre management accompanied by a copy of the child's birth certificate

The private cadre shall direct the request to faculty Dean or section to sign the request and review the original.

The private cadre shall issue an executive decision based on dean authorizations to do so. 3 months leave with pay from the date of birth of the child after signing it.

Evacuation of his Party

Note: in case of return, the employee shall submit receipt of the work


Child Care

1 – The employee shall submit a request to the private cadre management of grant leave to care for a child, explaining its duration and accompanied by the child's birth certificate.

The private cadre prepare a note after obtaining the approval of the board department and faculty and issue a decision.

Implementation of mandates procedures and evacuation of her Party from faculty.

The duration of the leave for 6 years at most

Note: When the employee return, she shall perform work received adoption.