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Professional Diplomas

Ain Shams University offers, through the graduate studies sector in each faculty, precise and distinctive specializations that may be unique to them from many other universities, enabling them to excel in scientific research.

Faculty of Medicine

Professional Diploma in (one of the following disciplines) 1-year program

1. Infection Control
2. Applied Healthcare Quality
3. Medical Statistics
4. Psychiatric Practice
5. Hospital Pharmacy
6. Hospital Infection Control
7. Reproductive Health
8. Family Medicine

Postgraduate Programs 2-year program


1. Pharmacology
2. Parasitology
3. Medical Microbiology and Immunology
4. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
5. Diploma in Clinical Toxicology
6. Biochemical Forensic Toxicology
7. Diploma in Community Medicine&Public Health
8. Occupational & Environmental Medicine
9. Epidemiology
10. Healthcare Quality
11. Internal Medicine
12. Neurology and Psychiatry
13. Chest Diseases
14. Tropical Medicine

15. Infectious Diseases and Fevers
16. Dermatology, Venereology & Andrology
17. Pediatrics
18. Clinical Pathology
19. Geriatrics and Gerontology
20. Diagnostic Radiology
21. General Surgery
22. Otorhinolaryngology
23. Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery
24. Obstetrics and Gynecology
25. Anesthesia
26. Family Medicine
27. Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation


Diploma of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1-year program)

1- Microbiology and Immunology
2- Biotechnology
3- Biochemical and Biological Analysis
4- Clinical Pharmacy
5- Hospital Pharmacy
6- Pharmaceutical Technology and Quality Assurance
7- Drug Monitoring and Quality Assurance
8- Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
9- Pharmacology
10- Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
11- Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Higher Dental Diploma of Dental Science in

1- Oral and Maxillary Surgery
2- Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
3- Oral Medicine and Diagnosis
4- Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
5- Periodontology
6- Fixed Prosthodontics
7- Endodontics
8- Pediatric Dentistry
9- Dental Public Health and Community
10- Operative Dentistry

Diploma in the following:


1- Radiation Physics
2- Optical Measurements
3- Solid State and Electronics
4- Solar Energy
5- Laser and its Applications
6- Biophysics
7- Physics of Atmosphere and Climatology
8- Applied Chemistry
9- Analytical Chemistry
10- Nutritional Chemistry
11- Molecular Biology
12- Biochemical Analysis
13- Applied Entomology
14- Medical Entomology
15- Computer Science and its Applications


16- Applied Statistics
17- Mathematics in Environmental Sciences
18- General Qualifying for Computer
19- General Biostatistics
20- Petroleum Geology
21- Mining Geology
22- Archaeological Geology
23- Environmental Geology
24- Applied Geophysics
25-Earthquake Science
26- Biological Techniques in Zoology
27- Economic Zoology
28- Plant Taxonomy and Flora
29- Applied Plant Physiology


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Professional Diploma in (one of the following disciplines)

1- Hospital Administration
2- Quality Management
3- Infection Control
4- Clinical Teaching
Diploma in Educational & Health Services Administration

Diploma in the following:

1. Civil Engineering
2. Architecture Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Computer and Information Sciences:

1. Computer Sciences
2. Information Systems
3. Computer Systems
4. Scientific Computing
5. Bioinformatics
6. Software Engineering

Professional Diploma in

1. Mental Health and Psychological Counseling
2. Education Foundation
3. Comparative Education and Educational Administration
4. Curricula and Teaching Methods
5. Educational Psychology
6. Special Education

Diploma in (one of the following disciplines):

1. Literature
2. Linguistics
3. Translation
4. Computational Linguistics
5. Arabic Language for Non-Natives

Diploma in the following:

1. Business (Accounting)
2. Business (Business Administration)
3. Business (Accounting and Finance)
4. Business (Accounting and Auditing)
5. Business (Finance)
6. Business (Marketing)
7. Business (Operation Research) An Ocean Country College associate degree


Professional Diploma in (one of the following disciplines):

1. Industrial Relations
2. Criminology
3. Non-governmental Organizations and Voluntary Work
4. Social Development

Diploma in (one of the following disciplines):

1- Modern Greek Language (Ancient European Civilization)
2- Geographic Information Systems (Geography)
3- Psychological Services in one of the following Specializations:
*Clinical Psychology
*Military Psychology
*Industrial Psychology
*Criminal Psychology
*Special Needs
4- Archeology in one of the following Specializations:
*Ancient Egyptian Antiquities and Civilization
*Islamic Antiquities *Greek and Roman Antiquities
5- Tourism Guidance
6- Libraries and Information Systems
7- Communication and Media Science in the following Specializations:
* Press
* Broadcasting
* Public Relations and Advertisement In Arabic except for specific programs
8- Drama and Theater Criticism
9- Film Criticism


Program structure   Conditions of enrollment   Program description   Program Goals

Diploma of Music Education

(Specializations: photography, design, sculpture, ceramics, art works, woodwork, metalwork, textile printing, textile, curricula and teaching methods of art education, art and taste history, art analysis for children and adults).

Diploma of Art Education

(Specializations: photography, design, sculpture, ceramics, art works, woodwork, metalwork, textile printing, textile, curricula and teaching methods of art education, art and taste history, art analysis for children and adults).

Diploma of Home Economics

(Specializations: Nutrition and Food Science, Clothing and Textiles, Home Management, Curricula and Teaching Methods for Home Economics)

Diploma of Education Technology

(Specializations: Computer, Educational Technology Specialist, Curricula and Teaching Technology Teaching Methods)

Diploma of Educational Media

(Specializations: Journalism, Radio and Television, Performing Arts, Curricula and Methods of Teaching Educational Media)

Diploma of Educational, Psychological and Special Education

(Paths: Pathway for the Gifted, Visual Disability Path, Auditory Disability Path, Mental Disability Path, Learning Disabilities Path)

Diploma of Arts in:

1. Arabic Language and Literature
2. English Language and Literature
3. French Language and Literature
4.Sociology (Anthropology & Folklore)
5. History
6. Geography
7. Philosophy
8. Sociology
9. Sociology (Media)
10. Psychology
In Arabic 4-year program

Diploma of Arts & Education in:

1. Arabic Language
2. English Language
3. French Language
4. History
5. Geography
6. Philosophy & Sociology: Philosophy(Major) & Sociology(Sub)
7. Philosophy & Sociology: Sociology(Major) & Philosophy(Sub)



Diploma of Arts & Basic Education in:

1. Arabic Language
2. English Language
3. Social Language

Diploma of Science& Basic Education in:

1. Mathematics
2. Science

Diploma of Science in:

1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Physics & Pure Mathematics
4. Physics & Computer
5. Physics & Chemistry
6. Biophysics
7. Chemistry
8. Chemistry & Botany
9. Microbiology & Chemistry
10. Chemistry & Zoology
11. Zoology
12. Biochemistry & Nutrition
13. Mathematics&Actuarial sciences(New Program)*
14.Applied Biological Sciences (New Program)*

Diploma of Science& Education in:

1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Biology & Geology:Biology (Major) & Geology(Sub)
5. Home Economics
6. Instructional & Information Technology
7. Child Education 8. Instructional Systems Design(New Program)**

Diploma of Science& Education in:

1. Mathematics*
2. Physics*
3. Chemistry*
4. Biology & Geology*



Diploma in one of any 11 disciplines of Law

Diploma in Occupational Therapy 1–year program

Diploma of Environmental Sciences in one of the following disciplines

1. Environmental Human Sciences
2. Environmental Basic Sciences
3. Environmental Economic, Legal & Administrative Sciences
4. Environmental Medical Sciences
5. Environmental Educational Sciences and Environmental
6. Environmental Agriculture Sciences
7. Environmental Engineering Sciences