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Student Affairs Management System


System features

  • - Extraction of detailed reports on students' personal and academic data.
  • - Extraction of reports on the number of students in each department and college of the university
  • - Extraction of detailed reports on personal data and preparation for international students in each college of the university.
  • - Selecting and printing personal cards and students' photos
  • - Distribution of student seating numbers for an academic year - Distribution of study year exam committees.
  • - Preparing lists (distribution of students to committees - distribution of courses to students - monitoring grades for a specific course).
  • - The ability to display courses, study schedules and examination schedules for each college at the university level
  • - Performing all control works, starting from the stage of entering data, applying automatic clemency rules, until printing results.
  • - The system contains an internal email that works between all users and supervisors to ensure the performance of the technical support service at the highest speed.
  • - Working on the Internet environment, which facilitates work from anywhere and a unified database for the university, including data for all faculties.