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Inventory Management System


System features:

  • - The ability to enter suppliers and exchange data and create purchase orders.
  • - Data entry of items for each store and the opening balance of quantities for each store.
  • - Adding quantities of items to each store and the possibility of disbursing items to exchange authorities.
  • - The ability to request disbursements and disbursements of items to and from stores.
  • - Adding the balance to the covenant for each employee of the university.
  • - Paying a personal or subsidiary pledge to university employees with the possibility of transferring them to other employees.
  • - Create and extract reports on the movement of the store and the store custody.
  • - Create and extract reports: on the disclosure of the trust and the rulers of the Covenant.
  • - The possibility of making a statistical analysis of the number of the total available products and the issuance permits for the current year and the results will be in the form of reports and graphs.