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Establishment of a field hospital to treat the injured


University hospitals announced the state of emergency and maximum preparedness to confront the Corona virus, which threatens the lives of millions, and it has become necessary for state institutions to come together to confront this crisis, and the capabilities of university hospitals to confront the Corona virus are 35,825 beds, 3959 intensive care beds, 431 intensive care beds for children, and 3754 devices Artificial respiration, 838 nurseries.

Immediately, the inauguration of a field hospital, the first in Egypt, was completed and was implemented within 11 days to be ready to operate and receive cases of Corona, with a total of 190 beds.

The hospital is being built on a land area of ​​4,500 meters behind Ain Shams Specialized Hospital inside the second campus of Ain Shams University, which was jointly implemented by the College of Engineering and under the supervision of the senior management of Ain Shams University, and one of the medical gas companies undertakes the work of extending gas networks and installing units for the beds and also supplying the hospital With oxygen gas and medical air throughout the 24-hour operation period.

The hospital includes a number of beds equipped at the highest level and numbered starting from A.1, an equipped bathroom and places to receive patients, and outside there are huge tanks that carry liquid oxygen, which feeds the hospital and its family 24 hours a day.