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The system of work for the Corona Suspicion Clinic at El Demerdash Hospital for university employees


How the system executed:

  1. Cases are reviewed from 8 am to 8 pm in Clinic No. 4 of the Pancreas Research Center
  2. A patient history form and examination of cases are made.
  3. Tests and x-rays are requested as the case warrants.
  4. Unstable cases (oxygen less than 92% or chronic diseases that increase the severity of the condition) are referred to the internal emergency and the internal teacher is called.
  5. Stable cases should write the necessary medical treatment and give written and printed home isolation recommendations.
  6. The patient is also informed of the phone number / WhatsApp / Corona Virus hotline for Ain Shams University hospitals (diagnosis / treatment / follow-up of Coronavirus cases) and the phone number is 01050136024
  7. The recommended medications are dispensed in the clinic from the Ain Shams University Hospitals Pharmacy (the ground floor of the Binoculars Collective Building).
  8. A case during the home isolation period can communicate by phone or by WhatsApp with the assistant teacher of family medicine in charge of the Corona virus hotline in Ain Shams University hospitals when there is any need for any inquiries related to the patient’s health condition or home isolation.
  9. A family medicine assistant teacher directs the patient’s advice, including referring him to the Emergency Clinic at Ain Shams University Hospitals, when needed.