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The Best 2% of the World's Scientist

The inclusion of 24 scientists from Ain Shams University among the best scientists in the world, and this was in the list launched by Stanford University, a private American research university that included "the best 2% of the world’s scientists" and they are nearly 160 thousand scientists from 149 countries, according to the Scopus td database in about 170 disciplines,
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Ain Shams University has included These scientists to Ain Shams University Research Board, based on the necessity of placing scientific research as a basis in the educational process at the level of all faculties within the university to be the nucleus of scientific research within the university.
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Faculty of Pharmacy
Name Department E-Mail
Prof Dr. Abd El Naser Badawi Sengab Drugs Dean@pharma.asu.edu.eg
Prof Dr. Khaled Abozaid Mohamed Abozaid Pharmaceutical chemistry Khaled.abouzid@pharm.asu.edu.eg
Prof Dr. Ibtihal El Demerdash Zaki Mousa Medicines and toxins ebtahal_morssy@pharm.asu.edu.eg
Prof Dr. Osama Ahmed Mohamed Badary Clinical pharmacy  
Prof Dr. Rania Mohamed Hafez Mohamed Hathout Pharmaceutics rania.hathout@pharm.asu.edu.eg
Prof Dr. Ahmed Hamed Amin Salem Clinical pharmacy sale0074@umn.edu
Prof Dr. Maha Nasr Sayed Ali Pharmaceutics maha_ali@pharm.asu.edu.eg

Faculty of Engineering

E-Mail Department Name
hany_mohamed@eng.asu.edu.eg Electrical forces and machines Prof Dr. Hany Mohamed Hasanirn Mohamed

Faculty of Medicine

E-Mail Department Name
anabhan@med.asu.edu.eg Obstetrics and Gynecology Prof Dr. Ashraf Fawzi Ibrahim Nabhan
drali_mohamed@med.asu.edu.eg Microbiology Prof Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki Ali

Faculty of Science

E-Mail Department Name
mohd_mostafa@sci.asu.edu.eg Chemistry Prof Dr. Mohamed Saied Attia
hamdihh@yahoo.com Chemistry Prof Dr. Hamdy Hussien Hassan
sayedth@hotmail.com Chemistry Prof Dr. Sayed Thabet Abd El Rehem
abdelhay71@hotmail.com Chemistry Prof Dr. Mohamed Abd El Hay Ahmed
m_amin@sci.asu.edu.eg Chemistry Prof Dr. Mohamed Abd El Hamed Amin
adel_a@sci.asu.edu.eg Physics Prof Dr. Adel Mohamed Mahmoud Awad
seldahshan@sci.asu.edu.eg Physics Prof Dr. El Sayed Ahmed Abd El Rahman Dahshan
saadsmhassan@yahoo.com Chemistry Prof Dr. Saad El Sayed Mohamed Hassan
mf_mansour@yahoo.com Plant Prof Dr. Mohamed Magdy Faheem Ahmed Mansour
samy@sci.asu.edu.eg Insects Prof Dr. Abdallah Samy

Faculty of Education

E-Mail Department Name
mahmoudelnahas@edu.asu.edu.eg Physics Prof Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed El Nahas
monasaif@edu.asu.edu.eg Chemistry Prof Dr. Mona Mostafa Ali Mohamed Saif
http://alaaeldenmohamed@edu.asu.edu.eg Physics Prof Dr. All Eldeen Abd El Haleem Farrag
emanzakaria@edu.asu.edu.eg Biologist and Geologist Prof Dr. Iman Zakaria Gomaa El Sayed
magdy_elsayed@edu.asu.edu.eg Chemistry Prof Dr. Magdy Shebl Saleh El Sayed

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