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Linguistic Consultation Unit at Faculty of Education

16267 2022-06-02

The mechanisms of translation and proofreading that the unit carries out are as follows:

* Committees specialized in (English - French - German) were formed from faculty staff to carry out translation work. A proposal of pricing translation services as follows:
* Translation of a certificate or research paper with a maximum of 250 words of EGP 150 for Egyptians
* Translation of a certificate or research paper, with a maximum of 250 words of USD 15 or the equivalent in Egyptian currency for non-Egyptians, and more than 250 words, 20 dollars per paper.

Four specialized committees (Arabic - English, French - German) were formed from faculty staff to do proofreading work, including:

* Linguistic auditing service and ensuring the correct vocabulary and content of the study (from the spelling, grammatical and morphological aspects, the correctness of the literary and scientific wording, the correctness of the structure and clarity of sentences, the rules of writing, and the written control) in a professional manner and in compliance with the rules of sound academic writing where the faculty member reviews the written words
* Amending the linguistic errors that may exist in it, whether morphological, spelling or grammatical, then make the text correctly after replacing those errors with the equivalent of the correct language in accordance with the correct linguistic rules that guarantee the output of the study regardless of its size and specialization in an ideal way.

A pricing proposal for the proofreading service has been set as follows:
* Proofreading of the paper 250 words, 100 pounds for Egyptians and 10 dollars for non-Egyptians.
* Proofreading in addition to editing the language for the paper 250 words 150 pounds for Egyptians and 15 dollars for non-Egyptians or its equivalent in the Egyptian.

Approval of the linguistic review form (issued by the researcher / applicant)

The headquarters of the linguistic consultation unit in the faculty:

Unit Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Nelly Abdel-Khalek Al-Haddad (Director of the Academic Publishing Unit at the Faculty and a professor in the French Language Department as coordinator for those committees)
Phone number: 01221005757