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A high-level delegation of faculty staff of Ain Shams University on a visit to the naval base in Alexandria
A high-level delegation of faculty staff of Ain Shams University on a visit to the naval base in Alexandria

Ain Shams University, in cooperation with the Popular Defense Forces and the military, organized a visit for a high-level delegation of deputies and faculty members in the various faculties of the university to the naval base in Alexandria.

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of the University and Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Saud, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Ayman Saleh, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ghada Farouk, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, supervised by Colonel Ahmed Negm, Director of the Military Education Department at the university, and coordinated by Mr. Suhail Hamza, Assistant Secretary of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development.

This is due to the belief of Ain Shams University in the importance of standing on what has been accomplished inside the Egyptian state and also transferring the true image from the ground, thanks to the permanent directives of the political leadership of the Egyptian state to raise the level of naval armament according to the highest level of quality and mastery that reflects the greatness of the Egyptian state.


The visit comes within the framework of getting acquainted with our armed forces and the extent of their development, which enables them to maintain their progress and position as a safe shield for the nation, and to emphasize the role of the university in implementing the state's strategy in activating community participation.

Prof. Dr. Ghada Farouk, Acting Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development, expressed her great happiness with this visit, and stressed the keenness of the wise university administration to organize these field visits for its role in promoting and developing national awareness and strengthening the bonds of connection with the valiant Egyptian armed forces, in addition to shedding light on the efforts of the rational political leadership and the state. Egypt in implementing giant national and development projects.

The visit included a symposium on the role of the naval forces through the screening of a documentary film that included the stages of the development of the navy in the modern era, which included the opening of the July 3 Naval Base, a visit to some of the pieces newly joined to the naval base in Alexandria, as well as a visit to the ship repair hangar.

The naval protocol official also accompanied the university delegation on an introductory and dialogue tour about the naval forces and the maritime borders of Egypt, where the university delegation witnessed the strength and greatness of the Egyptian navy.

At the end of the visit, the university's shield was presented in appreciation of the national role played by the navy under its leadership. The shield of the navy was presented to Ain Shams University and some souvenir photos were taken.