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Infrastructure and Network Unit

Responsibilities of the infrastructure and networks unit

1. Infrastructure and networks are concerned with the design, implementation, installation and operation of the university’s communications and information infrastructure and all its buildings and facilities. It may set the necessary technical specifications for this, participate in offering to specialized companies, and supervise the various implementation stages and the initial and final technical receipt. In particular, it is concerned with the following:
2. Management, maintenance, operation and development of the ICT infrastructure.
3. Connect the university to the global information network (the Internet) and following up the use of the Internet capacity for all university units and applications that have exhausted that capacity from the reality of the information network monitoring devices
4. Set policies for the use of frequency space, whether inside the university or on the Internet.
5. Connect the university to the Egyptian universities network in the Supreme Council of Universities.
6. Provide technical advice and technical support in the fields of communication and information technology for all university units.
7. Implement the university's network and data protection policy.
8. Incorporating and managing servers and storage devices with all their contents, including hardware, operating systems, virtual software and management software.
9. Central control of user accounts, granting of powers, activating, deleting and modifying the powers of subscribers.
10. Setting policies to support and operate the University Information Center, including looking into the software to be run within the Information Center and on its central servers, in a way that ensures the safety of these software after its testing and the absence of security gaps that may result in security breaches that affect the efficiency of the Information Center’s work
11. Participation in communications and information infrastructure development projects funded from within and abroad, as well as cloud computing and high-performance computing projects.
12. Provide computing and storage capabilities and networking services for all units of Ain Shams University at the request of these authorities, after studying the actual need for them and ensuring that the university's data is stored in the university's data center.

Organizational Structure