Welcome to Ain Shams University

Portal Unit

Responsibilities of Portal project

The portal unit is concerned with establishing and operating the electronic portal of the university and its affiliated faculties and units to provide electronic services such as services for faculty staff, students and workers, scientific research services and services of the various university sectors, and in particular it specializes in the following:

1. Creating, managing and maintaining websites for all university units and faculties.
2. Establishing university websites based on search engine optimization criteria in order to improve their visibility in search engines and these pages appear in advanced ranks in the search results.
3. Creating, following up and maintaining forms for publishing news on the university’s website and all its affiliated units, as the university’s website is the gateway to display university news and learn about the most important events that occur in the university and its various faculties.
4. Designing user-friendly and interactive interfaces with dynamic effects that create an atmosphere of interaction, taking into account the application of standards for user experiences.
5. View the website from different screens and systems such as smart phones, tablets, communication devices, smart interaction and touch screens of different sizes.
6. Providing the university’s electronic management system services through the university’s website and facilitating quick access to electronic services.
7. Paying attention to the various social media because of their importance and demand from surfers, in addition to the ease of providing access to the information required of them.
8. Highlighting statistics and data about Ain Shams University in terms of its classification, number of faculties, students, faculty members and other general data.
9. Working to increase the scientific, research and interactive content on the university’s websites, colleges and faculty members, with the aim of raising the university’s ranking on the Arab, African and international levels.

Organizational Structure of the Unit