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IT Units in Faculties

Specializations of the information technology units in the faculties

The information technology units in the faculties are the link between the Network and Information Technology Center and the faculties with regard to information technology. They are interested in providing information technology services at the faculties level to serve the educational and research process, faculty members, students and workers. The unit follows the center technically and is in particular specialized in the following:

1. Follow up the operation and maintenance of the college's wired and wireless communication networks.
2. Updating computer hardware software.
3. Supervising and updating computers and printers.
4. Operating and activating the e-mail service for students, faculty staff and faculty employees.
5. Updating the college's web portal with college news, study schedules, etc., through the forms available before the portal unit.
6. Follow-up and operation of the services of the university's electronic management system.
7. Using information technology in everything that serves the educational process and scientific research.
8. Submitting periodic technical reports to the Director of the Network and Information Technology Center on the unit's activities in the areas of information technology.

Organizational Structure of the Unit