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The Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs inaugurates the activities of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp
The Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs inaugurates the activities of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp

Prof. Abdel Fattah Saoud, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, inaugurated the activities of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp, which is organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the University I Hub for two weeks, with the participation of 600 students representing 153 teams from 15 faculties of the university, to qualify the students participating in the Innovation competitions in the university's faculties to enter the final competitions in their faculties to qualify them for the Ain Shams Innovation Competition at the university level.

In his speech, Prof. Abdel-Fattah Saoud expressed his pride in the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; It reflects the thought of the current university administration, which succeeded in transforming the nucleus of the center in the Faculty of Engineering into this huge central building to match the volume of creative ideas presented by the university students.


He added that the innovation center brings together the owners of creative ideas with specialized experts (Subject Matter Experts) who help them determine the proper implementation steps for their ideas to reach the desired goal, in an atmosphere of complete safety and in a form of confidentiality to preserve the idea.

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Saud explained that the center also provides support for applied research in line with the university's strategy of caring for scientific research, as it connects researchers with the business community and helps them transform their ideas into real projects, products, models, or marketable services.

His Excellency also touched on the innovation clubs (I Clubs) in the colleges of the university and that he is considered an arm in each college that receives ideas from students and refute them before they reach the main center.


Prof. Abdel-Fattah Saoud stressed the importance of training in the innovation and entrepreneurship camp, as it helps innovators to think in an organized and sound manner, and also trains them to work within a team, which enables them to benefit from the various experiences of the team members.

He called on the students not to be biased towards a particular idea and to try to prove it in various ways, but it is necessary to learn thinking, analysis and criticism. He also asked them to continue asking their questions without shame in order to gain knowledge and learn.

At the end of his speech, he emphasized that the door of His Eminence is always open to listen to students and that for four years there has been a page entitled "Your voice has reached the vice president of the university" on the university's website for permanent communication with students.


Prof. Mohamed Al-Buhairi, Executive Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, explained that the students participating in the camp were divided into 3 groups over a period of two weeks, and that the activities include lectures and workshops, during which expert trainers in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship lecture.

Dr. Weam Mahmoud, Deputy Director of the Center, said that the camp is a qualification for students for the Ain Shams Innovates Competition, which is organized with the support of the education sector and students at the university with the participation of 19 faculties, pointing out that the competition is launched in the first semester and that the winning teams will continue in the second semester to reach the final competition.

Dr. Islam Adly, Director of Innovation Clubs Activities at the Innovation Center, presented an introductory presentation in which he presented an introduction to the Asu-Iclub and the activities it carried out during the last period. Education, girls, computers and information, specific education, science, engineering, dentistry, tongues, medicine, antiquities and the number of projects submitted by each college during the camp.