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Scientific Committees


They are scientific committees formed by a ministerial resolution for three years in all scientific disciplines in universities, with a number of 7-9 members, whose task is to consider the promotion of professors and assistant professors in universities and research centers and others wishing to obtain scientific titles.

Mechanisms and conditions for applying to scientific committees
* The applicant for appointment to the position of assistant professor or professor must have held the previous degree for at least five (5) years, and the applicant’s papers may be accepted before completing the prescribed period of three (3) months at most.
* To have attended faculty development courses or their alternatives, as determined by the Supreme Council of Universities.
* A faculty staff shall submit an application to the Dean of the Faculty, specifying the specialization in which he wishes to be promoted, and attaching a biographical statement and a statement of the research submitted for promotion, specifying the authority and the date of scientific publication, as well as the research accepted for publication, which he carried out after obtaining the last scientific degree, and what has been supervised It is obtained from the approved master’s and doctoral theses, and the total scientific production is added to it in case of applying for a professor’s degree.
* The dean of the faculty submits the request to the permanent scientific committee concerned with examining his scientific production (within a week at most from the date of application) after informing the department board, where the head of the department signs the copy sent to the committee.
* The Faculty staff shall prepare its assessment of the member’s remarkable scientific and social activity and his outstanding construction works in the faculty or institute according to the form prepared by the committee. By a letter from the dean of the faculty and submitting the same required papers and documents, but a faculty member may not apply, after the end of his license, such as a secondment, an academic mission, or a leave to accompany the husband, until after he returns and receives the work.

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