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16492 2021-08-19

The service file is delivered to the Pensions Administration in the following cases:
1. Transfer to any other university or any other entity
2. Termination of service to reach the legal retirement age
3. Termination of service for death
4. Termination of service for dismissal (interruption - or anything else)

The following shall be fulfilled: -
Birth certificate, assignment order for a teaching assistant, acknowledgment of receipt of work, form 134 p. Completed from the first appointment until the hottest job appointment
In the case of special leave of all kinds (parent/mother care - accompany - special leave without pay - leave without pay - child care (in case of paid leave, orders and payment receipts must be available to be extracted from the Pensions Administration)

In the event of non-payment: -
* There must be an expression of desire not to pay, and that is in the case of a special leave only. As for external or internal borrowing, it is obligatory to pay, and it is not permissible to renew it except by paying the security deposit.
* In the case of internal secondment, payment is made through the faculty with a monthly payment
* As for the external loan, with an annual payment, and both are obligatory to pay
* In the case of deputizing a faculty staff, proof of payment of insurance and variable wages must be brought
* The review is carried out by the Pensions Administration and the Authority's inspector
* The file is divided into two parts (general part + pension part)
* The file for the general part is saved in the university pension store
* The pension portion file is sent to the General Pensions Authority
* Insurance deposit must be paid in case of vacation with permission to work or secondment.