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Ain Shams computers are unique to 5 distinct programs for high school students
Ain Shams computers are unique to 5 distinct programs for high school students

The Faculty of Computers and Information, Ain Shams University offers its distinctive programs that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market and support the direction of the state towards artificial intelligence and data science and serve the industrial and digital revolution and the development boom that the state is currently experiencing, and these programs meet the needs of the labor market through Cooperation with major software companies and research centers in summer training, as a forum is set up to employ annually to provide employment opportunities for students after graduation, where it offers 5 distinct programs operating the system of credit hours that allows the student to determine the burden of study during the semester and allows direct communication between Faculty member and student and the methods of evaluation of the student are based on the activities, tasks and projects assigned to them throughout the semester and not only the final exam.
The College announces the admission of general high school students to sports science in the following programs:
- Software Engineering - Artificial Intelligence Program
- Cyber Security Program
- Digital Multi media
- It also announces the acceptance of limited numbers in bioinformatics program, which accepts a general science secondary to pass a sports course (2) and must be successful with it and this does not fall within the cumulative rate.
The conditions for admission to the programs are to obtain the minimum number of computer and information colleges in public universities.
• The programs are characterized by keeping pace with the latest global trends in the development and modernization of education where the courses include the latest information and technologies in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence, information security and multimedia and the development of games that match what is taught in many universities The world's leading student, giving the graduate the opportunity to complete his studies at one of these international universities easily.
Modern methods of self-learning, panel discussions, problem solving, scientific reporting, presentation and discussion are also used.
• Linking to the labor market and interacting with the community by identifying the necessary needs in the specifications of the graduate and including them in the contents of the courses to give the student the techniques and skills to keep up with these needs.
• Using the most qualified professors specialized in the field of bioinformatics and computer science.
• Full academic supervision of students by appointing an academic supervisor for each student of the faculty to help him and guide him to apply the system of credit hours and follow-up during the study and help him to solve the problems they face during the study.
• Apply performance evaluation systems and ensure the quality of education in accordance with the standards set by the National Quality assurance and Accreditation Authority as well as interest in cultural, sports and social activities.
The programs are applied by applying for education and students affairs at the college to enroll in credit hours programs after applying to any of the colleges according to the coordination office on the condition of obtaining the minimum computer and information colleges in public universities.
The papers required for submission are:
1 recent birth certificate with the triple number and a copy of it printed
2 Photos of the National ID card
3 selfies and a medical check-up (8 photos)
4 Recruitment Form 2 Soldiers and Form 6 Soldiers from Office
5 Answer or nomination card