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After his brilliance in the Al-Hekaya program with Amr Adib.. Ain Shams University's choir "Arabic Harmony" is a model for the return of successful collective singing
After his brilliance in the Al-Hekaya program with Amr Adib.. Ain Shams University's choir "Arabic Harmony" is a model for the return of successful collective singing

Ain Shams University, headed and sponsored by Prof. Mahmoud El-Meteini, sponsorship and support of Prof. Abdel-Fattah Saoud, Vice President for Education Sector and Student Affairs, to revive group singing that attracts the general public in all its segments and age groups through its support, support and belief in the energies and talents of promising university youth.

This was confirmed and initiated by the great media man Amr Adib in his successful program "Al- Hekaya" on MBC Egypt, during the interview with an Arab Harmony Choir led by Maestro Mahmoud Waheed.


In the midst of a great reception and welcome from the media man, Amr Adib, to the choir and the accompanying orchestra, he appreciated the role of Ain Shams University in searching and prospecting for talents and extracting them to be like the shining stars in the sky of fine art, pointing out that despite the large number of talent discovery programs that are presented in different versions on screens However, the role of the university, and before it the school, remains deeper, more influential and richer in highlighting the energies of young people and supporting their talents.

During the meeting, in which the choir presented a variety of songs, Maestro Mahmoud Waheed talked about Ain Shams University's support for him and the youth talents of the university's students, whether in singing or theatrical acting and other forms of activities and arts.


He reviewed his artistic journey within Ain Shams University since he was a student at the Faculty of Business, up to the stage of his direction to train singing artistic groups since 2011, stressing that the university administration headed by Prof. Mahmoud El-Meteini and care for the education sector and students headed by Prof. Abdel Fattah Saoud, Vice President of the University, was behind the emergence of an Arabic Harmony Choir, and he referred to the support provided by the University, whether it was related to preparing theaters at the highest level of efficiency or providing financial and logistical support so that the choir would appear in a decent and honorable appearance in front of the audience.

And he talked about the encouragement of the university administration for the choir to achieve more fame and artistic spread by helping it to present concerts outside the scope of the university, whether inside or outside Cairo in the various governorates of the Republic.

In response to a question about how to manage large groups in harmony and harmony, Maestro Mahmoud Waheed explained that collective singing is an organized art that depends on the distribution of different layers of voices, stressing that group singing has a special artistic value and taste, and that songs are carefully chosen, not all songs are suitable for group singing, and that the role of the maestro, like the director, has a point of view on the work that he presents and trains the team to communicate it to the audience in a proper manner, pointing out that the current stage of the choir is still a middle stage between hobby and professionalism.

Regarding the choir members, he explained that the university administration adopted a new philosophy that was not available before when it facilitated and allowed university graduates to continue with the choir so that it would not be limited to university students only.

This decision came as a response from the university administration to the students who were keen to continue to be associated with university activity even after their graduation, due to the richness of Ain Shams University in various student activities.

During the interview, the media man, Amr Adib, confirmed that the lyrical paragraphs presented by the Harmony Arab Choir, accompanied by the band with golden fingers, succeeded in drawing a smile on the faces of millions of viewers, saying, "You have the ability to raise morale."

In his conversation with some members of the choir, including the student "Jolene" from the Faculty of Engineering and the student "Mohammed Abdel Raouf" from the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, the students confirmed that their participation in the activity within the university helps them to excel, and that the training takes place on the university's theaters that are equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems and Furniture, etc. It is open for training seven days a week, around the clock, and training takes place two or three times a week.

The media man, Amr Adib, concluded his interview with the Arabic Harmony Choir by thanking Ain Shams University, stressing that Egypt is a country of talent.

The Arabic Harmony Choir presented a bunch of the best and most famous songs, including (the Egyptian army anthem, a medley from Nubian folklore, a medley from Arab folklore, a medley from songs by the star Hussein Al Jasmi, a medley from the chants of Al-Ahly club fans, and a medley of Wegz).