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The Faculty of Education hosts an awareness seminar from the University's Center of Excellence for Sustainability

Within the framework of Ain Shams University's keenness to achieve distinguished awareness of the sustainable development system and achieve its goals with Egypt's Vision 2030, under the directives of Prof. Safaa Shehata, Acting Dean of the Faculty, the Faculty of Education hosted an awareness seminar organized by the Center of Excellence for Sustainability at Ain Shams University through the center’s team represented by Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, Director of the Center, and Dr. Zainab Mahmoud Hindi, Deputy Director of the Center, in the presence of Prof. Alaa El-Din Abdel Al-Halim Muhammad Faraj, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Muhammad Al-Salam, Head of the Department of Geography, Dr. Owais Ahmed Al-Rashidi, Dr. Aya Khaled Muhammad, the faculty staff of the Department of Geography, and many students of the faculty were keen to attend, organized by the Faculty Students Union.

The topics raised dealt with all the achievements of Ain Shams University to achieve the goals of sustainable development, within the framework of the achievements and vision of the Egyptian state and the sustainable development plan for Egypt.

The awareness seminar focused on the most important determinants of Ain Shams University's plan to transform into a smart, sustainable green university and follow up on the implementation of the outputs of the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) in order to raise awareness of all Ain Shams University affiliates on environmental issues.

This comes within the framework of a series of lectures and seminars organized by the center during the second semester in all university faculties. The symposium showed the intense efforts made by Ain Shams University to accelerate this transformation with clear and pioneering procedural steps that enabled the university to compete and lead in this field and had a prominent role in the conference.

In an atmosphere of meaningful discussions and dialogues, the students realized the distinguished efforts of the university and its keenness to achieve sustainable development in all its fields. Many questions were received, which were answered by Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, Director of the Center. Competitions were held among the students as feedback to ensure the extent of benefit in a wonderful atmosphere of meaningful discussions and dialogues.

The symposium came out with a set of recommendations, including the need to continue awareness of the university's achievements in the field of sustainable development, and the need for colleges to participate in projects that contribute to achieving sustainable development, as well as making visits by college students to all places in the university that have leading roles to achieve realistic benefit and full awareness of students and staff members Teaching, and everyone thanked the university's efforts and achievements in the field of community service, environmental development, and the pursuit of excellence in sustainable development.