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Learning Management System

Explore Information And Resources For Research, And Courses In The Form Of Recorded Lectures, Educational Videos And Related References. Be Able To Receive You Lectures And Communicate With Your Professors Remotly


Undergraduate Programs

Ain Shams University offers a number of distinctive programs for undergraduate programs offered by the Faculties are distinguished by their uniqueness, rarity, in addition to the combination of several specializations at the same time.


The Employability and Career Development Center (ECDC)

ECDC is the official Career Center at Ain Shams University.that aims to provide ASU students and graduates with the right tools for career planning and successful employment through.


Student Housing and Dining

Student Life

International Students

The University offers a wide range of services to international students, as is provided to our Egyptian students through university faculties, units and university cities


Disability and Special learning

The University provides the necessary facilities to facilitate the involvement of students with special needs in the activities conducted at the university to give them the opportunity to have a positive role in the community and to exploit their potential in the best possible way.


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the app have done a great thing for the students Services , making the learning process fun and easy . .

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