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Alumni Association

The Alumni council shall work to bring the ASU alumni community together to foster meaningful connections with each other, to share and learn from each other, and to preserve and promote the educational mission and rich heritage and values of ASU.

Alumni Association Subscription

ASU Alumni Association works to strengthen the bonds of fellowship and cooperation between the university and alumni through social events ,and community service functions and helping other students through scholarships, support activities or awards.


Postgraduate Admission

The early registration service for postgraduate studies has been provided to facilitate the procedures for the applicant, so the applicant can now apply for the certificate he wants to apply for, whether it is a PhD, master, or diploma through the website.


The Employability and Career Development Center (ECDC)

ECDC is the official Career Center at Ain Shams University.that aims to provide ASU students and graduates with the right tools for career planning and successful employment through.


Certificates Extraction

A service has been developed for graduates, which is the ability to apply for a graduation certificate or any other statements that the graduates may need, and they can easily apply for these certificates through the website.



Prof. Farouk El-Baz

American-Egyptian scientist

Eng. Hani Azar

Chief Engineer of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Awad Tag Al-Din

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Advisor for Health and Prevention Affairs

Dr. Shaima Abu Zeid

The first Egyptian woman who obtain a doctorate in nuclear particle physics

Prof. Ahmed Okasha

Egyptian psychiatrist