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A new scholarship of “Next Generation Scholars” Scholarship Program (8th round 2021)

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology announces the beginning of applying to the 8th round of the program for the year 2021, which was called the class of Prof. Dr. Samia Al-Tamami, the scholarship will be in the fields of health and medicine (personal, precise and molecular medicine, clinical pharmacy and genetics, clinical and preclinical research – new methods of drug delivery), basic sciences (mathematics, physics, geology and biology) and interface and converging sciences (biotechnology – nanotechnology - Bioinformatics – biophysics), applied sciences (environment, agriculture, food and nature conservation), engineering sciences (new and renewable energy, desalination and water treatment, energy rationalization and storage, green construction and clean production), computer science (scientific computation – big data processing – artificial intelligence – security Cyber-...), future studies (demographics – climate change – future of energy, water and food – desertification – predictions and risk management), social sciences, arts and literature (animation, identity, folk and cultural heritage – science fiction), economic sciences (science, technology and innovation policies, technology transfer and commercialization, risk investment, intellectual property), and all areas of industry.

The deadline for applying is from October 1 to November 30, 2021

To apply and learn more information, conditions of application and required documents, please visit the following link:

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