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Why Do They Atheist Contest?

From the role of Al-Azhar in knowledge and awareness, the Islamic Research Academy is pleased to announce the holding of a competition entitled: Why do they atheist?!; In order to confront the intellectual deviations that threaten the security and stability of society, which are published and broadcast, and provoke the motives of atheism.

Objectives of the competition

* Rooting the spirit of faith in God Almighty, as it is the solid foundation for the elements of production based on thought and action.

* Enlightening the community with the destructive ideological concepts that are published and broadcast.

* Encouraging constructive, purposeful ideas that seek to reform society, and provide radical solutions to the issues and problems it faces, through legitimate windows and channels.

* Opening a platform for fruitful interaction between Al-Azhar and the sects and bodies of society.

The deadline for receiving applications of registration and participation is 12/1/2021.

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