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The consolidated announcement of the missions’ plan for the second part of the fifth year 2021/2022 of the eighth five-year plan 2017-2022, including the Egyptian-Japanese Education Initiative (EJEP).

The Scholarships Welfare Office at Ain Shams University announces the statement of the Central Administration of Scholarships at the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, in partnership with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), regarding the announcement of the unified annual program (Part Two) for the missions plan for the fifth year 2021/2022 of the eighth five-year plan 2017-2022, which includes the Egyptian-Japanese Initiative program For EJEP Education, with the Japanese side. It invites faculty staff and their teaching assistants in Egyptian universities and research centers (the entities listed in the scholarship plan) to submit their applications electronically through the electronic platform of the Central Administration of Scholarships during the period from Saturday 12/2/2022 until Monday corresponding to 11/4 / 2022 as follows:

  1. 1- An external doctoral mission: A doctoral scholarship to obtain the degree from an educational institution in a country in the world and its duration ranges from 3 to 4 years as a maximum, according to the country to which it is sent and the specialization.
  2. 2- Joint supervision mission: - The opportunity to spend a year to do research in a higher education institution in a country of the world is given to Egyptians who are currently preparing a doctorate at an Egyptian public university.
  3. 3- Scientific mission: - To conduct post-doctoral research - scientific exchange - scientific school visits - lab visits - writing a project) and its duration is a maximum of 6 months.
  4. 4- Master’s: A scholarship to obtain a master’s degree from an educational institution in a country in the world. Its duration is one year, and it can be extended for another year as a maximum.
  5. 5- Collecting a master’s scientific subject: A scholarship for collecting a master’s degree scientific subject registered at home in one of the Egyptian universities and for a period of one year in Japanese universities.

Important definitions:

  • • Scholarships provided to the state: they are the expenses and material benefits provided by the foreign side in accordance with the executive program signed between the two countries.
  • • Delegating authority: the foreign university to which the student will be dispatched to study abroad.
  • • Delegating entity: the entity in which he works in the country.
  • • Registration: It is the registration of a research point approved by the University Council, not the date of enrollment or start of studies in a master's or doctoral program.

First: General notes and conditions:

  • • Commitment to the application period for the announcement, and the application deadline will not be extended under any circumstances.
  • • Missions do not bear any expenses to accompany the family for any kind of delegation.
  • • The duration of the foreign mission is 4 years as a maximum, and the mission will not be extended even if at the expense of the envoy.
  • • The period of joint supervision is only one year abroad, and it is not extendable.
  • • The duration of the scientific mission is 6 months, as a maximum.
  • • The duration of the scholarship for obtaining a master's degree is a maximum of two years
  • • The duration of the short-term scholarship to collect the scientific material before the master's degree (academic year).
  • I• t is not permissible to apply for more than one type of mission in the same announcement.
  • • For the linguistics major, the research plan must be written in the same language as the major.
  • • Each candidate may apply to only two universities, whether in one country or two countries, as a maximum, through advertisement and with one research plan.
  • • In the event that the applicant obtains one of the scholarships offered to the state, the applicant will be committed to implementing the grant presented to the state and is considered apologizing for the scholarship in accordance with the rules followed in this regard.
  • • It is not permissible to apply for a scholarship while the student is traveling on a study leave.
  • • Applicants are excluded in case of violation of scientific principles according to the text of the law in this regard, knowing that the administration reserves the right to examine the applicant's research proposal in one of the specialized programs in detecting scientific plagiarism.
  • • If the applicant obtains the TOEFL IBT test during the advertisement period, please put the special code (C692 Institution Educe Higher of Ministry-CDM Name) so that we can view the result electronically.
  • • It is not permissible to change the place of study after the approval of the result and the commitment to the country of dispatch on the basis of which the evaluation was carried out through the scientific committees, except in emergency cases (such as the death of the supervisor or the university's rejection of the applicant).
  • • The total number of pages of the research proposal submitted for all types of delegation is 3 pages, including all information and references. The student’s data must not be mentioned on the research plan uploaded on the website for the sake of transparency in the evaluation) and no information received after the third page of the research proposal will be heeded
  • • For scientific assignments, those who obtained a doctorate from abroad and wish to enjoy an exemption from submitting an English language certificate, the following conditions are required:
  • • In the case of applying for the task with an acceptance letter from the same country from which he obtained his doctorate, it is required that the letters of acceptance be from the same country, and in the case of submitting an acceptance letter from another country, the language condition must be fulfilled.
  • • In the case of obtaining a doctorate from a country where English is a first language and submitting it with an acceptance letter from a university in a country where English is a first or second language, it is considered exempt from the language requirement.
  • • It is not permissible for any candidate to travel except after passing the training course (Scholar Qualification Program).
  • • Candidates must test the characteristics, and in the event of not passing the test, the applicant will be excluded.
  • • The result of the announcement based on the evaluation of the arbitrators' committee according to the forms contained in the selection criteria appendix (Annex 4), and accordingly, the result is considered final and the administration will not consider grievance requests.
  • • The duration of the missions’ implementation is one year from the date of approval of the result. It includes all travel procedures (from obtaining the higher language level required by the foreign university or submitting another language certificate if the conditions of the mission require obtaining a visa...etc.) and in the event of non-implementation during the year, the mission is considered Canceled and Article (11) of Missions Law No. 149 of 2020.
  • • Missions do not bear any expenses for preparing the student linguistically and obtaining the required linguistic level is the responsibility of the student.
  • • The applicant will be excluded at any stage of the advertisement if it is found that he submitted incorrect documents or data, and his sending party will be addressed to take legal measures in this regard.
  • • Progress is made in the axes and topics referred to first, and no research proposals outside the approved axes and topics will be accepted, provided that the applicant selects only one axe that fits with his research proposal.
  • • The forms shown on the website and attached to the advertisement must be adhered to as they are, and no data is changed in them. They are printed with the form number as shown and completed electronically and not by hand.
  • • Medical fitness: The Executive Committee of the missions decided to sign a medical examination on the candidates to prove medical fitness. In the event of medical fitness, the applicant is excluded during any stage of the evaluation.
  • • If the number of candidates in a particular major is high, we reserve the right to apply the quota system at our discretion to ensure that the scholarships offered support the national interest/Vision of Egypt.
  • • With regard to the cadres of the Academy of Arts: The Executive Committee of Scholarships agreed in the session of 25/5/2021 to grant an exception for a period of three years (starting from the date of the next scholarship announcement) for the cadres of the Academy of Arts from the age requirement, provided that the age requirement is added as follows: (Assistant Teacher 38 General - teacher 45 years old - assistant professor 50 years old - professor up to 58 years old) on the date of the announcement of the scholarships plan for the year 2021/2022.

Second: - The areas available for applying for all types of missions:

  • • Energy
  • • Water
  • • The center of medical and health sciences
  • • The focus of agriculture and food security
  • • Environment Hub
  • • The focus of strategic industry techniques
  • • ICT and Space Hub
  • • Teaching and learning development axis
  • • Investment, trade and transport hub
  • • The focus of social sciences, humanities and the arts

For more information and to know how to apply, please see the attached announcement in the following file or visit the website