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Applying for master’s scholarships offered by the Fulbright Commission to study in the United States of America is now available

The Scholarships Welfare Office at Ain Shams University announces scholarships provided by the Fulbright Commission to study a master's degree in the United States of America in various research fields. The scholarships provide all expenses including travel, study, living, and health insurance in the United States for the duration of the master's degree.

Scholarship application requirements:

- The applicant must be of Egyptian nationality.

- The applicant must be in Egypt, starting from the time of application, going through the different steps of selection before traveling.

- The applicant must have obtained a grade of “good” at least in the social sciences and humanities, and “very good” in the sciences.

- Obtaining a TOEFL certificate from centers recognized by the Fulbright Commission, including Egyptian public universities.

Complete all steps of application, selection, and personal interview.

To view the details of the Fulbright scholarship, please visit the following link:

The attached file below contains all the instructions for the scholarship.

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