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Scholarships Sponsorship Office announces post-doctoral research grants provided by the Fulbright Commission in Egypt

The Scholarships Welfare Office announces post-doctoral research scholarship provided by the Fulbright Commission in Egypt to faculty members in Egyptian universities and research centers to conduct post-doctoral research in American universities. The grant period extends from 3-9 months in the United States of America and includes various fields. The scholarship covers all accommodation and health insurance expenses.

Scholarship Terms:

- The applicant shall be of Egyptian nationality.

- US citizens, green card holders, and applicants are not eligible to apply.

- Applicants must reside in Egypt starting from the application process and throughout the selection, interview and pre-departure processes.

- The applicant shall be a faculty staff at an Egyptian university or research center.

- The following employees or members of their close family (i.e. spouses and children) may not apply for this scholarship and for a period ending one year after the end of this scholarship: US Department of State employees; Domestic employees at US missions abroad who work for the US Department of State and/or the US Agency for International Development (USAID); Employees of organizations implementing exchange programs for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State; Plus members of the Board of Directors, Fulbright Commission employees, or their families (even fourth-degree relatives).

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