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The office of Study abroad and visiting scholar affairs announces postdoctoral research scholarships in Austria

The office of Study abroad and visiting scholar affairs at Ain Shams University announces the scholarships offered by the IST Institute of Science and Technology in Austria. This institute supports PhD holders to conduct post-doctoral research in different disciplines of basic and technological sciences. The scholarship provides a training opportunity to study the German language through courses that enable participants to better integrate within the community of the host country. These scholarships are awarded for a period of two years and are fully funded. The scholarship covers the following areas:

* Chemistry
* Mathematics
* Physics
* Biochemistry
* Cell Biology
* Environmental sciences and evolutionary biology
* Neurology
* Computer science
* Information Science
* Earth science

Conditions for applying for the scholarship: * Apply in one of the areas available at the Institute.
* The applicant shall hold a PhD or equivalent by the application deadline.
*The applicant shall not reside in Austria or has not studied or worked for more than 12 months in Austria in the last 3 years from the date of applying for the grant.

The deadline of admission: 5 May 2022

For all details and how to apply, please visit the following website

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