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Grant of preparing and writing General Policy Papers

The Scholarship Welfare Office at Ain Shams University announces the announcement of the scholarship "Preparing and Writing General Policy Papers" presented by the Egyptian Youth Council. The training program aims to identify the skills and tools required in how to write research papers, reports, public policy papers and position assessments.

The course targets university and postgraduate students and those interested in research work in order to enable them to have writing tools, provided that the training program is practically applied and the participants' outputs of research papers are reviewed and evaluated, and the best posts will be published.

Course contents:
Skills and means of gathering information and sources
Conditions and contents of writing the research paper
writing reports
Policy papers and position assessments
Ethics of scientific research
The theoretical training is for 3 days, and practical application is 17 days
The training will be in 3 hours per day.
The trainer and researcher / Mai Aglan, Director of the Research and Studies Unit at the Egyptian Youth Council, will be the trainer at the course.
The cost of the training program is 2,500 EGP to be afforded by the Board completely without any fees at the trainee, as part of the Board's plan to raise the competence of youth and support them.
At the end of the program, the trainee receives a certificate approved by the Egyptian Youth Board after completing the graduation project for each trainee, on the condition that he is not absent from any lecture.
Acceptance is based on passing the personal interview, in addition to paying an insurance fee of EGP 250 for non-members of the Council, which will be fully refunded in the event that the trainee commits to not being absent.
To apply, please fill out the electronic form at the following link and follow up your email to schedule a personal interview.