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International Publication Reward

Universities are ranked globally according to several criteria, including the extent of the university's spread and its impact. This is especially measured in how much the university's scientific production is, in scientific research published in international journals and various contributions in scientific conferences, thesis and scientific reports. Hence the importance of international publication in upgrading the level of universities scientifically and globally.

International Publication Committee Members

Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Ayman Saleh

Vice President for Graduate Studies & Research (President)

Prof.Dr/ Abd el fattah Mohammed Fathy

Vice President for Education & Student Affairs (Vice President)

Prof.Dr. El Gohari El Saied Attia

Assistant Professor in Faculty of Science (Coordinator)

Prof.Dr. Nadia Hamdy El Hefny

Professor in Faculty of Pharmacy (Member)

Prof.Dr. Hend Ibrahim Mohamed

Assistant Professor in Faculty of Alsun (Member)

In addition to:

Mr/ Waleed Hossam ElDeen Abdel Shafie Technical Office- Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Mr/ Mohamed Abdel Rehem Abdallah Technical Office- Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Mr/ Hossam Kamal El Sayed Technical Office- Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Mr/ Osama Taha Abdel Hamed General Management for Scientific research
Ms/ Sally Edward Shaker Management Information System Project

Appling for International Publication Reward

International Publication technology has changed radically in recent years with the advent of computers, laser printers and the Internet. Researchers are now producing a large number of scientific papers. Large journals are becoming involved in research evaluation, interested in accepting high quality research and becoming more aware of the risks of accepting low-level research.


International Publication Costs

In light of the great role that international scientific publishing plays in improving the university’s international ranking, and the graduate studies and research sector’s vision of the need to encourage faculty staff and teaching assistants to publish their scientific production in prestigious and internationally refereed scientific journals, it was noted the inability of some faculty staff and the teaching assistants ( lecturers - assistant teachers) in faculties and institutes of the university not to bear the cost of international publication in Q1 journal.


Statistics about the international publication reward

You can see many graphs about the total reward for international publication in addition to the total number of researches and researchers who obtained the award.


International Publication Reward winners