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Training and Development Center

The center provides training consultations to various entities in training and scientific research fields, and develops strategic training plans based on actual training needs.


International Publication Reward

Universities are ranked globally according to several criteria, including the extent of the university spread and its impact. This is especially measured in how much the university scientific production is, in scientific research published in international journals and various contributions in scientific conferences, letters and scientific reports. Also, the researcher can apply for an international publication award through the website.


Digital Transformation Certificate

The Supreme Council of Universities decided to activate the "Fundamentals of Digital Transformation" certificate in Egyptian universities, provided that the certificate of digital transformation is applied to graduate students as one of the conditions for granting a degree. The applicant can book courses through the website

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Ain Shams University Research Scholar

Ain Shams University exports digitization, archiving and digital retrieval technologies. The field of electronic archiving is a vital area because it contains hundreds of thousands of very important documents that require effective production of electronic documents, as well as effectiveness in storage and retrieval processes. The site is available to visitors from countries Foreign nationals may enter and benefit from scientific theses and research abstracts published by members of the university’s faculty.

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